Mazda Parkway 1976 1974 1976 2 x 654 cc 2disc Rotary … Flickr

Mazda Parkway Rotary 26, il minibus con motore rotativo

Mazda's rotary engine only reentered production in June 2023 after taking an 11-year hiatus. Unfortunately, the Wankel engine wasn't fitted to an exciting sports car or hot hatch but rather the MX.

Mazda Parkway 1976 1974 1976 2 x 654 cc 2disc Rotary … Flickr

For the Parkway, the two-rotor gas 13B put out 135 hp at 6500 rpm and 132 ft lbs of torque at 4000 rpm. Like most pre-fuel injection rotaries, a big Hitachi four-barrel carburetor (missing in the photo above) fed gas to the rotor cavity.

Mazda Parkway Rotary 26 (1974) un autobús con motor rotativo » REVISTA

If you instead took the bus for your commutes, for a brief moment in time you could have boarded this, the Mazda Parkway Rotary 26, the first and what appears to be the only transit bus to get powered by a rotary engine. It's also incredibly rare, with just 44 ever getting put on the road.

The Mazda Parkway Rotary Powered Bus Jalopy

The Mazda Parkway has to be one of the rarest and most unusual rotary powered vehicles Mazda has produced, and it's a bus. The RX-7 might be the most obvious thing to think of when you hear the words rotary and Mazda together. You wouldn't necessarily associate them with a minibus.

The Mazda Parkway Rotary Powered Bus Jalopy

Event Coverage. While Stellantis announces the departure of its iconic Hemi-powered Dodge Challenger and Charger muscle cars, Mazda is doubling down on bringing back the legendary rotary engine to its future sports cars. The automaker confirmed its launching of a rotary engine development group that will focus on hybrid sports car technology.

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Mazda pegs the Iconic-SP's output at 365 total system horsepower, and given its lithe shape and Mazda's penchant for lightweighting, we presume it would weigh little enough for those 365 ponies to.

The Mazda Parkway Rotary Powered Bus Jalopy

By Simon Kim Published Oct 23, 2022 With over five decades in production, numerous little-known Mazdas contributed to the evolution of the legendary rotary Wankel engine. via Mazda In spring 2022, Mazda unveiled a rotary-powered plug-in hybrid model as part of its ever-expanding MX-30 lineup.

Mazda Parkway 1976 1974 1976 2 x 654 cc 2disc Rotary … Flickr

While Mazda's rotary engine re-entered production last year for the first time in over a decade, it sadly was not revived in an exciting sports car but rather serves as a range extender in the.

Mazda Parkway 26 (1974)

HIROSHIMA, Japan —Mazda Motor Corporation today announced that total production volume of rotary engine vehicles has surpassed two million units. i The Mazda Cosmo Sport (Mazda 110S) e-SKYACTIV R-EV rotor The rotary engine is an engine with a unique structure that uses rotational movement of triangular rotors to generate power.

Mazda Parkway Rotary 26 le bus à piston rotatif

1974 Mazda Parkway Rotary 26 Units Produced: 44. Despite being another one of Mazda's explored and abandoned ideas, the Mazda Parkway 26 isn't half bad. Some of the features on the Parkway.

Mazda Parkway Rotary 26 (1974) un autobús con motor rotativo » REVISTA

The rotor heads have spoken and Mazda has listened. Following a rapturous reception for its Iconic SP concept car Mazda is now working on bringing a rotary-powered sports car to market. "I am very happy and deeply moved by all the support and encouragement I have received for the compact sports car concept," said Mazda President and CEO Masahiro Moro at the 2024 Tokyo Auto Salon.

The Mazda Parkway was Mazda’s own vision for a rotarypowered RXBus

The highly lauded, rotary-powered Cosmo Sport (also known as the 110S) of 1967 not only cemented Mazda's reputation as a small but highly influential carmaker, but guaranteed the company a permanent place in the automotive firmament outside of Japan. Over the following pages, we'll study the engine's development, its racing history, and its future.

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Released last fall, the Iconic SP Concept teased longtime fans with RX-7-like lines and Wankel-engine hints. It was an exercise in buzz — nothing intended for production. Just a nod to nostalgia.

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The Mazda Parkway is a minibus that was based on the Mazda Titan platform, and was manufactured at the Hiroshima Factory exclusively for the Japanese market. In 1974, the Parkway was installed with the 13B rotary engine and well as a 2000cc gasoline type "VA" and the diesel 2500cc type "XA".

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To counteract the increasing environmental pollution caused by the mobility sector, Mazda offered the Bus Parkway with a rotary engine from 1974, two years after its introduction. Thanks to the 2-rotor 13B rotary engine that Mazda had previously used in the RX-3, the Parkway Rotary Super Deluxe 26 far undercuts Japanese emissions regulations.

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All of those engines are irrelevant though, because in 1974, Mazda showed the world the first "low emission" rotary bus ever, the Parkway Rotary 26, equipped with the legendary 13B tuned to.