better late than never...? Watercolor christmas cards, Christmas

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Pencil and eraser Coarse salt Instructions to make your handmade Christmas cards We used precut blank watercolor cards that I got at a local art store for this project, but you can easily cut watercolor paper down to size. A pad of 11×15 inch paper cut in half to 7×11 inches and then folded into cards makes the perfect size!

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December 3 2020 by Sara Ty 'Tis the season to be artsy! Give your Christmas cards a heartfelt homemade touch by making some yourself with these simple watercolor Christmas card ideas! Don't know where to start? These 20 DIY watercolor Christmas card ideas should get your creative juices flowing! 20 DIY Watercolor Christmas Cards for the Artsy 1.

Watercolor Christmas Cards Watercolor christmas cards, Christmas

Quick and Easy Watercolor Christmas Cards - Just 10 Minutes Each. This is a friendly beginner watercolour lesson. Step by Step Make 2 cards in just- a 20-minute Lesson! Paint winter theme.

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Easy Watercolor Christmas Card Ideas. The possibilities are endless with these watercolor Christmas cards. You could even paint a whole page and then cut out small squares to use as gift tags on your presents. Pinterest has so many different ideas for inspiration - just be careful to not get sucked in to hours of "Pinteresting" like I do!

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Supplies you'll need for Easy DIY Watercolor Christmas Cards: Kraft brown cardstock Watercolor paper Payne's Gray watercolor tube OR a watercolor palette Coliro Gold Paint palette black fineliner pens White gel pen like Sakura White Gelly Rolls Round watercolor brush Pencil, eraser, ruler, and paper cutter Step One:

better late than never...? Watercolor christmas cards, Christmas

DIY Watercolor Christmas Cards Supplies Needed: Watercolor Paint (see info about my palette here) Watercolor Brushes; Watercolor Cards or Paper; Pencil (I love these pencils because they disappear under watercolor paint better than graphite.) Eraser (This eraser is so gentle on watercolor paper.) Directions

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530 Best Watercolor Christmas cards ideas | watercolor christmas cards, christmas cards, christmas watercolor Watercolor Christmas cards 530 Pins 4d L Collection by Louise Smith Similar ideas popular now Christmas Cards DIY Christmas Cards Christmas Crafts Christmas Diy Watercolor Painting Winter Watercolor Watercolor Flower Art

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Just start with a 5 x 7 blank canvas or card template. 1. Add Watercolor Textures to Holiday Graphics Watercolor textures added to holiday graphics in PicMonkey. There's nothing wrong with a little bit of simplicity. Grab a holiday-themed graphic, pair it with a watercolor texture, and voilà.

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50+ Watercolour Christmas Cards Ideas: Inspiration for Festive Greetings Art Art projects, creative, Tutorials and tips, watercolor tutorial, Watercolors Watercolor Christmas cards are a beautiful and personal way to spread holiday cheer. These unique cards are perfect for sending to loved ones, decorating your home, or even selling on Etsy.

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Making a card with watercolor paper. First, choose the card size you want to make. I made 5×5″ and 4×4″ cards, since the round wreath looks best on a square card. You can easily cut your own cards from a larger sheet of watercolor paper. I cut mine from an 11″ x 15″ sheet out of a watercolor paper pad. The paper I used is 130lb.

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How to Make Holiday Christmas Cards - Watercolor Painting Tutorial 1 - YouTube 0:00 / 13:03 Wondering how to create beautiful Christmas cards using watercolor? Watch my process and learn.

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Step 1: Sketch a line down the middle of your card. This will be the trunk on your tree. Then take the number 5 brush and dab paint in the shape of a Christmas Tree. I started at the top with one dab and added two underneath, then 3, then 4 and so on. Add some areas of light and dark greens.

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Handwritten Merry Christmas: Happy Holidays: ️ ️ ️ ️ ️ Wooden Christmas Stamps ️ ️.

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Thin pointed paint brush. Red acrylic paint. Blank Card. Start by mixing green watercolor with some black watercolor to create a darker green and make strikes along the card where you want your pines to be. Next add your pines to the stem. Using the brown water color mixed with a black watercolor, create branches for your berries curving the ends.

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66 If you want to make holiday cards this year, consider making them in watercolor. Here's a step by step guide to making DIY watercolor Christmas cards that are so beautiful and easy. If you only have 3rd grade level artistic skills (like me) . . . you've got this!

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1. Use a plastic lid or cardboard tempate approximately 2.25 inches in diameter and have kids trace around the template lightly with a pencil. You want the circle to be in the middle of your card. 2. Make sure to have your watercolor paint colors ready to go.